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Find a Parliamentarian

Are you looking for someone who can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your meetings? 

If you answered yes, then you may be looking for a Professional Registered Parliamentarian (PRP) or a Registered Parliamentarian (RP) and the Alberta Association of Parliamentarians (AAP) wants to help you find one!

On this page you will find the names and contact information of AAP’s PRP and RP credentialed members who are looking to connect with potential clients like you. Please contact the PRPs and RPs directly for more information about the services they provide.

Diana Bacon, MBA, PRP

Carl Nohr, PRP

(403) 581-8776

Todd Brand, MA, CP, PRP

Branden Cave, JD, PRP

Professional Registered Parliamentarians

Pat Knoll, KC, RP

Registered Parliamentarians

Laura Jayne McPhee, JD, RP

(403) 472-7462

Dwight Dibben, RP

What are PRPs and RPs?

PRPs and RPs are credentialed members of the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP). Both are able to serve as consultants who can advise on how to make your meetings more effective and efficient. While each PRP and RP may specialize in a specific area of parliamentary practice, they will generally serve as a professional meeting presiders/chairs, teach and lead instructional workshops, provide opinions on meeting procedure, assist with revising governing documents, advise meeting chairs as experts on process, and so much more.


Note that PRPs and RPs have different levels of training. NAP describes an RP as someone “qualified to serve as a parliamentarian for most ordinary meetings under usual circumstances and to provide commonly needed parliamentary advice to ordinary organizations.” A PRP credential builds on the work required to attain RP status and signifies that “a member has the knowledge and practical skills to successfully deliver parliamentary services” and “shows that the member can provide quality parliamentary services and has agreed to adhere to the Code of Professional Responsibility adopted by NAP.” 


For more information on the PRP and RP credentials and the credentialing process, please visit the NAP website at


Find a Parliamentarian is intended to connect potential clients with PRPs and RPs who voluntarily register with the service. AAP does not endorse these PRPs or RP and is not an agent for the individuals listed above. AAP relies on NAP’s certification and credentialing processes to ensure that the individuals listed above have attained the knowledge and professional development requirements necessary to attain NAP’s designations of PRP and RP. Any and all terms of employment should be negotiated between you and the Parliamentarian.

Add/Update your Information

If you are an RP or PRP member of AAP and would like to have your information shared on this page or would like to update your information on this page, please fill out this form with your information or updated information or email

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